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Grim Steam is a Total Conversion FPS using Unreal Engine 3.

The game tells the story of Solas Geram, a disgraced inspector who soon finds himself part of a great plot to destroy the City of Isbandia, one of the last human settlements on Earth.

Solas, the hero is equipped with a modified .38 Magnum and an extremely powerful cybernetic arm, the Deftech™ “Redeemer”, which he received after losing his left arm during a war prior to our story.

The Redeemer is powered with Steam, the city’s main power source and can be altered by injecting Apex, a dangerous drug, which unlocks multiple Defensive and Offensive options including:

– Megaton Arm : Punch through walls and Enemies !
– Shockwave Cannon: Medium range cannon causing extreme devastation
– Phalanx: a Shield that blocks all attacks in a 180° arc in front you